Anti-Corruption to Fight Human Trafficking Labour Exploitation in the Spanish Agricultural Sector

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Serrano Puig, Clàudia
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Global Campus of Human Rights
While human trafficking for labour exploitation represents one of the major challenges currently faced by Europe, it appears that corruption issues are still the central cause at the origins of this violation of human rights. Spain represents a concrete example of this scheme: considering its complex legal framework in the matter and the levels of perceived corruption, labour exploitation in the country, and particularly in the agricultural sector, demonstrates the interconnection between labour exploitation, human trafficking and corruption. It is true that, because of the ‘transnational culture of corruption’ (IOM 2017: 1), as well as of the complexity of the systems of global supply chain, impunity prevails and finding legal or political tools to fight it remains particularly complex. Yet, there is an ongoing interest and discussion from businesses and civil society related to mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence (especially with the recent proposal of the European Union Commission for adopting a Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence). Increased attention to corporate’s responsibility in this crime, but also to corruption issues as such, was given. However, more efforts need to be done as responsibilities remain solely on states, business sectors also must be held to account. And more importantly, the corruption prism must be taken into account in the fight against human trafficking for labour exploitation. By analysing the case of Spain, this paper aims at stressing the interrelatedness between human trafficking and corruption, in revealing the extent to which adopting an anti-corruption perspective by states and private companies can be a critical factor to prevent and fight labour exploitation. This research finally proposes recommendations to improve the overall domestic system and make the fight into human trafficking more efficient.
human trafficking, corruption, labour exploitation, Europe, Spain, business, social responsibility
C Serrano Puig 'Anti-Corruption to Fight Human Trafficking Labour Exploitation in the Spanish Agricultural Sector' Global Campus Policy Briefs 2022