Environment and Human Rights in Curriculum: Towards a Strong and Uniform Education Policy in South Asia

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Annamalai, Visalaakshi
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Global Campus of Human Rights
This policy paper aims to summarise the existing education policy with respect to the environment and human rights in the countries in South Asia as well as address gaps and challenges. While there is an emphasis on human rights education, its link to the environment and climate change is largely overlooked in curricula. It is, therefore, necessary to actively amend the education policy to include human rights and environment-centric courses that enable the youth to play an informed role in immediate and future policy making in the region. In conclusion, this paper will provide policy recommendations to governments in the region on the actions that can be adopted going forward in strengthening aspects of human rights and environment-linked education. It will strongly emphasise the need for the governments to educate the youth on these fronts with the consideration that most of the politicians and bureaucrats in the region are not very well versed in these subjects. This gap is likely owing to past education policies and education itself as a right that is still being realised. The policy brief advocates for a comprehensive and uniform national education policy on human rights, climate change and the environment in the region that will include the experiences from the region in battling climate change and protecting the environment to empower the youth in future decision making.
education, environment, human rights, South Asia