Volume 2 No 1




Citizen agency, human rights and economic development in the context of populism and new democratic leadership models in Latin America
by Héctor Santiago Mazzei

Sustainability of food systems: The role of legal and policy frameworks
by Nicholas W Orago

Freedom of religion and the securitisation of religious identity: An analysis of proposals impacting on freedom of religion following terrorist attacks in Flanders
by Willem Vancutsem

The development of Uganda’s military justice and the right to a fair trial: Old wine in new bottles?
by Ronald Naluwairo

The forced displacement of indigenious peoples in Colombia
by Felipe Gómez Isa

Recent Regional Developments

Human rights and democracy in the Arab world in 2017: Hopeless within, doomed abroad
by Hafsa Bennis, Razane Boustany, Anna Lucky Dalena, Henriette Josephine Gentil, Yasmine Jamal Hajar, Hind Sharif, Salma Sharif, Marta Welander and Martina Zucconi

Challenges to the European Union in 2017: Brexit implementation, populism, and the renewed attempt at advancing the social dimension of the European integration project
by Chiara Altafin and Wiebke Lamer

Selected developments in human rights and democratisation during 2017: Sub-Saharan Africa
by Michael Gyan Nyarko and Trésor Makunya

Selected regional developments in human rights and democratisation in the Asia Pacific during 2017: 'Diverse region with divergent stance'
by Ravi Prakash Vyas and Sachin Siwakoti

Regional perspectives on democratisation of Eastern Partnership countries
by Arusyak Aleksanyan